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Fans & their Heroes closer together

originals4fans.com is a pioneering company that serves as a bridge between fans and their idols. It creates unique connections with heroes from various fields, including soccer players, tennis players, influencers, actors, MMA fighters, DJs, artists, and much more. The company provides immersive experiences, exclusive events and personalized merchandise, transforming typical fan interactions into extraordinary moments.

Furthermore, originals4fans.com offers "money-can't-buy" experiences, granting fans access to unique and unforgettable moments that money-can't-buy. originals4fans.com is not merely a platform; it is a passionate community that fosters lasting memories and a sense of fellowship, transcending the usual fan-idol relationship.

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Discover the extraordinary with originals4fans.com and meet your favorite stars in person. As a privileged collector, you get the chance to meet in person, ask burning questions and create unforgettable memories. Get to know your star from a new perspective and take your fan experience to a new level. With originals4fans.com and as a privileged collector, you will enjoy exclusive encounters that go far beyond the usual fan experience.

Insider access from originals4fans.com opens up new channels of communication with your heroes. As a privileged collector, you get an unprecedented private insight into the everyday life of your favorite stars. Your star will answer your questions in the live Q&A sessions and send you personalized messages. Enjoy this exclusive look behind the scenes, you will be surprised to see your hero in a new light.

As a dedicated fan, originals4fans.com immerses you in a world where you have privileged access to limited edition merchandise. Elevate your fandom experience with unique, high-quality quality items that carry the personal touch of the stars you adore. From signed memorabilia to customized collectibles, originals4fans.com exclusively provides makes these exclusive and limited-edition treasures available exclusively to its collectors. This also shows your support for your heroes, stars and idols.

Immerse yourself in a variety of events specially designed for dedicated enthusiasts. originals4fans.com offers you everything from virtual fan conventions to private screenings. Whether it's an exclusive online gathering or an unexpected live event, prepare to be at the center of unique moments.This ensures that your fan experience is not just observational, it's a dynamic, immersive adventure that promises ongoing participation and excitement throughout the year.

First Stars


Aleksandar Rakic

Austria's figurehead and world-class MMA fighter, who has long been one of the world's top fighters in the UFC. Aleksandar's mental strength, iron will and discipline on the one hand, open-mindedness and vision on the other, are making him a fan favorite. A true power pack of heart.

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Rene Rodrigezz

An Austrian DJ and music producer who makes the sounds really dance. From Upper Austria to the big world, where his fans enjoy the joy of life to his rhythms. The Music Award winner has almost fallen in love with dance/electronic music and enchants his fans with cool beats. A true entertainer.

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Stefan Koubek

Former Austrian ATP top tennis player and Davis Cup captain. His legendary performances at the at the US, French and Australian Open and his victories against tennis icons Roger Federer and Goran Ivanisevic. Stefan, who also briefly topped the ATP world rankings, is still welcome on any tennis court today.. A truly likeable player.

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Hatef Moeil

The native Iranian matured into a martial artist in his adopted home of Germany. His victory in Cologne in front of 20,000 spectators, where he was crowned "Octagon Champion", is unforgettable. He continues to work on his career with determination and meticulousness. A true martial artist.

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Mykola Bilyk

A true champion and Austria's exceptional handball athlete. Mykola is also an absolute top performer at THW Kiel - one of the best clubs in the world: three times German champion, three times cup winner, four times Supercup winner, once EHF Cup and once EHF Champions League winner. A true model professional.

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Meet & Greet in virtual reality and in real life.


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Get infos from behind the scenes, personal insights of the stars.


Get personal video messages from your star.

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Get this with the design of your star - in digital and physical form


Meet you star in virtul reality - it will feel like a face-to-face meeting

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Next Stars


She is a diamond in the rough and a model athlete in her discipline. Successful at European and World Championships from a young age.

A superstar in Africa, he is known as "The Coach," and his motto is "Knowledge is power."

An expert on sport and all the world's stars. Figures, data, facts, stars and their stories are his elixir of life.

She is well-connected in almost every industry. She knows the mechanisms of sport and lifestyle inside out and knows how to prove herself.